DJ Ipcress

DJ Ipcress (UK) Biography

DJ Ipcress has been at the forefront of the UK underground electronic music scene for over 10 years. Having honed his unique psychedelic techno sound in the London warehouse parties of the mid 2000’s, he moved seamlessly to the festival circuit and has played many UK and International events since 2007. Combining the driving basslines of contemporary techno and the melodic structures derived from his background in psychedelic music you can expect a journey as the layers are built up and groove locked in. In 2012 he teamed up with Ben Coda and launched the Nanoplex LIVE project which has gone from strength to strength with 3 albums and a number of high profile EP’s released on Iboga Records. With performances at Boom, Ozora, Symbiosis, Rainbow Serpent, Glastonbury, Origin Festival, Noisily Festival & Glade as well as countless others across the globe – this is just the start of story.