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DOBé (GE) Biography

Despite being a new kid on the scene, Berlin-based DJ and producer DOBé already proved his wide range of sound centered around Techno. Attracted by dark grooves and hypnotic ambients, DOBé is always trying to incorporate these elements into his own productions and DJ Sets. His sound is a blend of styles and influences which span across many genres: sometimes it’s pure techno sparkled with some acid bits, deep-tech depths or the rush of maximal vibes, while some deep and melodic lines arises with delight and subtlety. Dark acoustic elements and clear deep productions define his sets across the globe. Since he started showcasing with an opener for Black Coffee in munich 2018, DOBé permanently plays venues in Dublin, Prague, Vienna, Berlin and Paris alongside industry heavyweights like Adam Beyer, Magda, Spektre and Anthony Rother, to name only a few. His following shows at Afrika Burn Festival and Feel Festival instantly led to a fast growing fan base. Closing 2019 with five shows across China, he started 2020 with finishing his first own studio productions, now ready for release.